Frequently Asked Questions

Uploading Photos

What digital file types can I upload?

A: We accept the following file types: jpg, png, bmp, gif

What resolution does my image need to be?

A: The best resolution is around 1800 pixels high. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry. Most digital cameras and smartphones take photos which will produce good results. Just know, if your image looks blurry on the screen after you create your design it will probably look that way when your phone arrives. We cannot be held responsible for the quality of images printed at low resolution.

Also know, if you zoom into an image too much you will also lower the image quality.

What if my photo needs retouching?

A: You can rotate, zoom and reposition images on the website. We do not offer retouching services at this time. Photos must retouched on your end before being uploaded to our service.

Can I use images I found on the internet?

A: Digital copyright is a big issue these days. If you do not own the rights to use an image or have your doubts, please do not ask us to reproduce it. It must be assumed that most images found on the internet are someone else’s property. By checking out, you are affirming that you either own the content or have written permission from the applicable intellectual property rights owner to upload the content to us for use on products and services.  You are completely responsible for the use of any content you upload in connection with the Site and the Services.

Discount & Promo Codes

When do I enter my discount code and when is it reflected in the price?

A: Prices shown on the website reflect the current store price. If “Sitewide Sale” is shown at the top of the page you will see the discounted prices reflected throughout the store. If you have received a special discount or promo code you will be asked to enter it at checkout. Once the code has been entered the discount will be shown on your order. Discount or promo codes are based on MSRP and cannot be added to any Sitewide Sale price. Only one discount can be used per order.

Before you submit your order, be sure the final price is what you expected. If it isn’t, contact us and we’ll figure it out.